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Why voting for #BidenHarris and all #DemocraticCandidates is a must this election

We must vote this year by any means necessary, whether it's by mail or standing in lines (with, caution of course), and we must vote, like our lives depend on it.

There is an urgency this election year, and it is crucial that we #vote for @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris, and any democratic candidate we see listed on our ballots. It is the #future of our country, it is the direction we should have been going to years ago

The #republican party that once was, is gone, it no longer exists, and any 'republican' stating they are supporting what #Impotus has done to their party and this country because they believe it will still exist post-impotus is in denial.

If republican party members can stand idly by and watch #impotus destroy our democracy, be the most corrupt president to date of these united states, and do nothing, they don't deserve anyone's vote and they certainly don't deserve to be in office representing #WeThePeople.

This "president" is attacking the US postal service with his corrupt gang by sabotaging mail-in voting and our democracy right before our eyes. #America found out about Russia's help in getting him elected in 2016, and after his many calls with Vladimir Putin, he has been trained on how to get away with illegal and corrupt deeds like a true #autocrat. This is serious, we cannot stand by and watch this happen, this is another reason to peacefully #protest this administration and vote like never before.

The path of this country is going down under the current administration, and the #EnablingGOP, if the American people want to save our country, the #opportunity to do so is with our #vote. There is still hope to turn things around, but we cannot waiver, we cannot become complacent, and we must go out in droves to #VoteBidenHarris and vote for any democrat that is listed on our ballots, that is how we are going to save our country, that is how we are going to save our lives, that is how we #BuildBackStronger.

I ask every single American to stay awake, stay informed, and make sure you #VOTE.

You can find information on voting below;

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