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Why isn't the #Biden vs. the Incumbent poll margin bigger?

Because Trump is all over the news, social media feeds, and conversations.

Let's be honest, we may all be part of the problem, the coverage and social shares of the incumbent, whether good or bad are still coverage, and he is getting a lot of the attention. While we can't normalize the #insanity and #corruption the incumbent does, we should not keep repeating his lies by sharing it, talking about it, and having the continued coverage of it by the media. The unfortunate result is that we are actually perpetuating the lies, the corruption, and normalizing it to masses in the end, which should be against the goal.

There is constant news clips, tweets and other social media shares of the incumbent's view that mail-in voting is fraudulent, the end result, polls indicate that the public are not going to be trusting of the results post election night. We can concur that it's probably due to everyone seeing and hearing this #BS all of over the media outlets. There is news about the incumbent on every news channel, every social media platform, and most conversations in our homes. The end result, we are drained, feel pessimistic on how our voices and votes can make a difference. Let's remember how the coverage of the incumbent overshadowed any messaging the Clinton campaign tried to share with the American people during the 2016 elections.

While we can discuss, share and broadcast how they are destroying, corrupting, doing and or NOT doing for our nation, lets balance or end those headlines with what Congress (in the house) are doing to counter their destruction. Let's broadcast, share, discuss what #BidenHarris have as actual plans to tackle COVID19, the #economy, #RacialInjustice, and the future of #OurCountry. We can share specific information that can be found on, and remind everyone of that information, make sure people are informed, lets blast all media channels with #BidenHarris and #democratic messaging that will save us, the same way the incumbent is always on overtime, and let's pay him less attention.

It is important to keep all voters informed of the opportunities, possibilities and hope there will be with a #BidenHarris administration, and a democratic majority that will be fighting #ForThePeople. The republican party have shown us that they are not willing to do the job, and we should believe exactly what they have revealed to us. They are not going to change, the only way they may change at this point, is for all Americans to speak out in protests, broadcast the better candidates to save our country, and voting for the candidates that are going to #progress America.

If the incumbent's and GOP's corruption, lack of patriotism and illegal misdeeds are always going to be on the news, on our feeds, and conversations, let's be sure to balance and brighten up the darkness with the possibilities and opportunities of hope that we can have with #BidenHarris. Let's promote optimism that we are not doomed by the current state of the country (that is NOT great), but that we can #BuildBackBetter from the mess the incumbent has put us in. Let's not stop talking about it, sharing and broadcasting information that will keep voters #hopeful, #energized, and #informed on what they can do to help #BuildBackBetter.

#America, below please find information to stay informed on #BidenHarris plans, and voter information on what you can do to make sure your vote is counted. We Shall Progress, #WeShallProgress - a Battle for the Soul of America

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