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Why @badgalriri shines #BrightLikeADiamond

We’ve finally had a chance to catch up to the #SavageXFentyVol3, and it gave us everything we wanted, and more. Rihanna (and her team) are in tune with not only the whole world, but what we all represent, and how we are all connected.


In the start of the #SavageXFentyVol3Show she pays homage to the #SuperModel era with the camera following @CindyCrawford up a spiraling showcase to the top. Next, it opens with @Bia performing ‘Whole lot of money’, then @normani performing #WildSide, with scenes by a range of models, of all shapes, sizes, genders, pronouns, and ethnicities, it made our hearts simultaneously melt, and sing.

Paying careful attention to how Rihanna chose her models, scenes and song choices, one could see that she purposely created a bridge between then, and now. Starting with @CindyCrawford, and then including @gigihadid towards the end of the show, gives us the beginnings of #SuperModels, and the supermodels of today. Her inclusion of models spanning a spectrum of sizes, backgrounds and genders, promote a much needed #evolution in the modeling industry.

Rihanna brings us back to the 90’s, and early 2000’s with some song choices like #LoveOfMyLife by @erykahbadu, #conceited by @remyma, and one of our personal favorites, #WhatsItGoingToBe by @bustarhymes featuring @janetjackson. Again Rihanna reminds us of the past with these music choices, and showcases the new music to connect the old and the new, to remind us that without those that came before, there would be a more difficult road for those of the present.

The fashion itself is everything, #SavageFenty caters to the curves of any, makes #sexy speak for itself, and gives confidence to anyone ready to slide into the new line. #SavageFenty expands lounge wear by adding new fashion for the "masculine" side inside us all, and making it more available for all who want to work for their sexy.

#Brava, #bravo and congratulations to you, and your team @badgalriri, that's why we love you!

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