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Who Is The Better Candidate

The upcoming #presidential and #local #elections may actually be the most important decisions in our #lifetime.

You have an existing president that began his bid for the presidency by declaring that all Mexicans are criminals and rapists, and has since showed us over and over again that he should not be leading this country. He is trying to destroy our democracy, begging the question, is he a Russian asset, was his presidency aided by Russia to destroy #America?

You have @JoeBiden, a career civil servant, who put his bid in for the 2021 presidency with the soul purpose of getting America back on track after the destruction of our #country by Donald Trump. Every single thing that Trump has touched has managed to fail or be surrounded by #chaos, and #corruption. I am constantly asking myself, how did this happen? It happened because he fooled and lied to every single person that #voted for him.

After Trump's 4 years in office, no one can deny that America is absolutely not doing great, in fact, we lost our standing in the world, all other countries are looking at us in disbelief of everything they see Trump do and say. We are the #1country with #COVID19 deaths, nearly 1/2 of the population is out of work, the Trump administration has no plan to keep us save and have no plan on how we are going to recover the #economy.

One thing is becoming clear to all people in America, we cannot afford another 4 years of Trump, we need a new president, someone we can trust to get the job done and that actually cares for the #AmericanPeople. Joe Biden is that #president, he has released plans on how he will tackle all the current problems once he is #elected, but to get him into the #OvalOffice, #WeMustVote to #SaveAmerica.

Lets Compare the 2 #Candidates

Pay careful attention to the details and decide, who do you think is the best candidate?

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