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The time to #BendOurMoralUniverse towards #Justice is now

The soul of the country is screaming at us to #evolve, to change and #progress towards the the right side of #justice. We thought we were on our way post a #BlackPresidency, but then #Impotus happened, and his presidency has revealed the darkest parts of #America.

I don't agree that most of #America feels and thinks we should go back to a segregated state, but with the election of #Impotus, there is clear evidence that there are enough people who do feel a need to draw a line between #WhiteAmericans and everyone else. We can all concur that in the past 4 years there has been a growth and promotion of #racism and #xenophobia within America.

My thoughts on the matter is that Impotus has made it ok to say, and be the darkest version of ourselves, you see if someone like him (who is clearly #racist, whether he knows it or not) can become president of the #UnitedStates, his supporters feel like it must be ok to do, and say the most #deplorable things to another human being. They support that his #AmericaFirst slogan = white america first, and is justified since the white race in America needs to preserve itself from the #diversity of #immigrants, and from black society.

What Impotus and his supporters don't realize is that their goal has already failed. Human beings are not meant to stay #stagnant or #regress, we are meant to evolve, love and progress to better versions of ourselves. They fail to understand that anyone impeding that progression will be #protested, and reminded that they are on the wrong side of #justice, that they should change, evolve or be left behind from #HumanProgression.

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