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The incumbent may have hijacked the Republican Party, but why have so many conformed?

The idea that a majority in the republican party secretly do not like the direction their party is headed, is hard to believe since they allowed him to change it, or did he?

As the RNC kicks off this week, let's take a look at the direction Trump or “the incumbent” has taken the republican party.

1. As revealed in the Mueller report, the incumbent began his campaign for the presidency by knowingly accepting the aid of a foreign power. There is clear evidence that Russia (Putin to put it frankly), believed that a Trump win would be beneficial to him and worked tirelessly to ensure Hillary Clinton was not the winner. Evidence also suggests that there were correspondence and meetings between the Trump campaign, Russian oligarchs, and Julian Assange to leverage stolen information and efforts by Russia to result in a Trump win. Ordinarily these tactics would have bipartisan support to demand answers and enforce subpoenas, however, the GOP sat idly by and allowed it.

2. A whistle blower filed a complaint against the incumbent, stating that he withheld aid to Ukraine unless they falsely made a statement that they were investigating Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in an attempt to damage Biden's chances in his bid for the presidency. These actions resulted in the impeachment of Trump by Democrats in the House, but the majority led GOP in the Senate (with the exception of Mitt Romney) did nothing, they allowed the crime to be committed without consequence and acquitted Trump.

3. The incumbent has associated the republican party with white supremacists, white nationalists, members of Q’anon and KKK by not disavowing their support for him, but instead encouraging their hate. These groups are the darkest most vile parts of America, yet Trump refused to state that they are not supporters he wants. Trump’s racism did not begin with his presidency, nor did his presidency start racism in this country, but he has made it acceptable, he has brought it into the Oval Office.

4. After the killing of George Floyd by police officers, the country awakened, people could no longer deny the systemic racism that exists, not only in society, but in the police system. The country stood up in solidarity, people of all backgrounds protested and re-fueled the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump’s response to the movement was to show force against peaceful protesters by sending federal law enforcement officers to fire rubber bullets and chemical gas at them. This should not happen in America, in fact its reminiscent of a dictatorship like Russia, and there was still silence from the majority in the GOP.

5. The Black Lives Matter movement sparked discussions about the removal of confederate flags, confederate monuments, and the renaming of bases named after confederate generals. Trump responded with messages to leave everything as they are, regardless of the division and racism they represent. His supporters who are mostly white nationalist are excited by his response, they were emboldened to continue with their hate.

Even with all the criminal, immoral, and racist acts by Trump, the GOP and his supporters stand by him, and have no plans to separate from him. Why are they allowing this representation of the Republican party, of America, if they didn’t agree with it?

There are those that are clearly racists and will continue to support him, but there are some that proclaim to not accept his actions, yet will vote for him. What is apparent, is that anyone that is not speaking out against the incumbent, or continue supporting him, are complicit. Not only are they complicit, but we must begin to call it what it is, it's racism, it's xenophobia, it's misogyny, it's bigotry, it's hatred and darkness. If they support him, they support all of the aforementioned, they support a divided and segregated America, they support what the republican party has become, or revealed to be.

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