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Politics; The #StimulusGap

There is a huge gap between the #Democrats and #Republicans when it comes to providing support to the #AmericanPeople

High Level Differences in the Stimulus Bills

The gap between what the democrats and republicans want to give the American people to help out during #COVID19 is a big one.

Senate Republicans have laid out a $1 trillion stimulus package late in the week ending 8-7-20. They are proposing $200 less a week than the $600 being offered by Democrats, Republicans want to cut benefits to $400 because they argue that extending $600 a week to Americans that have been laid-off due to their employers closing their doors, will discourage them from going back to work. What seems to be missing from their rational is that there are no longer any jobs to go back to.

Democrats have offered the #HereosAct back in May that is closer to $3 trillion, a starting point for negotiations with Republicans over what will most likely be Congress's last major economic response to the COVID19 pandemic. The Republican response to the Heroes Act has come 3 months later and if you take a look at the high level differences in the image above, you'll see that Democrats are trying to provide more to struggling families. There is a clear gap, not only in the amount, but in the actual details of who should be receiving the aid and legal protections from the allocated dollars.

Ultimately, democrats want to assist the struggling american families and workers, where as republicans want to assist businesses and reduce the amount of aid going to the american people needing the most aid. I keep asking myself, why can't all people in this country see the facts and make their political decisions based on which party will help those that need it the most and bring the country forward and not remain stagnant or regress backwards.

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