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Updated: Nov 16, 2023


Every single person, especially younger people need to not only pay attention to #politics, but be emerged and aware of its shaping. Participating in politics and social causes is what shapes the type of society, the type of government we want to live in today, and in the future. #StayWoke reaches new levels when we witness the dismantling, and regression of #CivilRights by some republicans. They absolutely want an authoritarian country; and yes, their actions indicate that they're comfortable with that new country also being one of #whitesupremacy, and they're willing to do anything to achieve that.

What is causing their extremism; besides #xenophobia, #homophobia, #racism, and #misogyny? We've reached a possibility; they’ve seen the high achievements marginalized communities have made with their freedoms, and some are conspiring to #regress those freedoms, back to a time when only a “certain few” could exercise #freedoms. They feel inadequate knowing that #marginalizedcommunities have, and can surpass them at every level, even with the #impediments systematically placed before us.

Given the aforementioned, the “certain few” in the Republican Party are conspiring attacks on #education, women's rights, #LGBTQ+ rights, immigrants, and any other civil rights they can attack to ensure they halt their progression. They're going after black history, in an effort to re-write it, remove any facts that would lead to sympathy from younger generations, and likely introduce a new form of #oppression that won’t be recognized. They are targeting women by breaching their privacy, and forcing them to bear their children. The attacks on the rights of LGBTQ+ communities are to remind them that they cannot have the same rights as them, and force them back into the closet. Their #xenophobia is enraged by the fact that immigrants are hard working, and are willing to fill positions they themselves do not want, yet perpetrate a false replacement theory.

Movements like #BLM, #MeToo, #GayRights, #WomensRights and #immigrants scare them, the unification, and progression of all these groups frightens them even more. They say they have #grievances, and feel as though they are being left behind, what about the grievances placed upon all the said marginalized communities that are looking to regain years of exclusion from achieving their #AmericanDream?

What they’ve yet to realize, is the reason why they’re being left behind, and the rest of the world is moving forward. It's because humans are made to progress, to evolve into the future, a future they aren’t willing to navigate to. It’s human nature to #evolve, mentally, scientifically and yes, even physically. We especially will progress because we know that there are mere men impeding that progression, and we won’t allow them to get in the way.

The #love for life, a willingness to thrive in this world will always incite us to find away around #fascism, #racism, #misogyny, #homophobia, #oppression and the like. Even if some can’t fathom the idea that this country, this world is for everyone, and not just made for some to be at the top, looking down, controlling, and exploiting everyone else, #WeThePeople; will #StayWoke, and #WeShallProgress



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