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Some Of My Top-5 Favorite Artists and Songs

These artists range #genres so you won't notice a theme. I love all #music, my uncle always said if you hear music and don't feel something, you're not #alive, a #sentiment I can agree with.

Mikayla Simpson, AKA as #Koffee is a Jamaican singer, rapper, DJ & guitarist who has exudes a vibrant mix of #dancehall, #reggae and #rap style that has earned her attention internationally. She has secured a major record deal with Columbia, U.K. which released her debut EP #Rapture, which includes one of my favorite singles #Toast. Rapture earned Koffee a well deserved #grammy. Check her out..

Dan+Shay specialize in #countrypop, but they also have an #adultcontemporary style. Some of my favorite songs from the duo include "Nothin Like You', 'How Not To' and '#Tequila' which turned out to be a multi-platinum, chart topping single for the duo. They have also earned a #grammy for their work. Add them to your #playlist.

#Camilo is a best selling #LatinPop artist that was born in Columbia. He music has a #breezy tenor sound and dancing style that has #resonated with his audience. HIs music will move you from sad to happy with just the denotation an selection of your mood's desire. One of my favorites from Camlio is '#Favorito', check him out.

#SnohAalegra is a singer and songwriter that has a 'cinematic soul' as she has self proclaimed. She started with a couple of hit singles in Sweden (as artist Sheri) but has sine expanded her territory into R&B sounds inspired by the likes of #NinaSimone #LaurynHill and her mentor #Prince. One of my favorite singles by Snoh is 'I want you around', check her our out.

#Robyn grew up in the entertainment business, she spent time touring with her parent's theater group. She entered the modern #pop scene in #1995 with her single 'Show Me Love' that crossed over from Sweden and made her a genuine star. One of my favorite singles of her recent #album 'Honey' is #EverAgain, check her out and add her to your #playlist.

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