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Sedition and Insurrection Acts

Let's be clear, all events of insurrection, sedition, and racism, that have been normalized by #45, need swift action. There should not be any discussions of waiting, fear of further division, or wanting to bring temperatures down, before responding to the events on January 6th 2021 by domestic terrorists.

There should not be any pondering on how to respond to terrorists, domestic or foreign. To all of sudden react in fear, and not wanting to antagonize terrorists by responding to their terrorism with forceful consequences, will only strengthen such terrorism. Why should America be fearful of upsetting terrorists? That is exactly what they want, to keep us in fear of how they will be enraged when forced to participate in law, order and decency, am I missing something?

The very idea that #45 has gone unchecked by GOP members that were afraid of his temper tantrum, is the very reason why the insurrection/coup that occurred on Wednesday, January 6th 2021 should not go unchecked without a swift, unmerciful response. If a message is not sent, to not only his fellow insurrectionists, but anyone else who is sitting by watching what is possible for them if they ever come to power with their dark sentiments of what they believe America should be, we are already doomed.

There is no time to contemplate, to reason with, or waiting to take the temperature of where these white nationalists, insurrectionists are, before consequences are delivered. We know what happened, there are videos and selfies on what was done, what are we waiting for? Standing by will only allow the group to grow, to strengthen, to infect more minds and do more harm. They will believe that their actions do not have consequences, they will feel emboldened, and the next time, will try something bigger, something more harmful than what we just experienced on the US Capitol.

There is no other response that will cut off the head of this snake before it grows, or spawns, swift action of justice needs to happen now. This justice needs to be delivered to #45, his terrorists, and any other insurrectionists that we know were a part of the attack to America, and to our democracy on Wednesday, January 6th 2021.

#45 should get impeached, convicted and banned, this option ensures that he will not be able to run for office again, and sends a strong message to any white nationalist, fascist, waiting in the dark, from thinking they can follow in 45's footsteps.

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