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What does it say about the #GOP, and #FoxNews, that they are leveraging tactics that are currently being exercised by Russia.

Make no mistake, the GOP and their communications channel, Fox News, are using the practices used in Russia to conceal truth, promote lies, and build a narrative that is contrary to #truth, and #reality, all in an effort to advance their agenda. An agenda that they want to keep hidden from the population because they understand that the population wants, and in many cases need, the opposite. The world and it's people are evolving, they are getting informed, becoming aware based on historical and current facts, and there are some that are not ok with the advancement of society, and ideologies.

There are some that were never happy with the advancement of our #laws, laws that provided the expansion of freedoms to women, to people of color, LGBTQ+ and other #marginalized groups. They had a vision, a self created #WorldOrder where only some held power, only some had the ability to make decisions, and have opportunities to advance their lives. They never intended to share the concept that we all have #InalienableRights, rights that were provided to us by #God the day we took our first breath. There are some that want to have a hierarchy, created by them, that determines what rights people should have, they want to determine who is able to have, how far someone can advance, and who should fall under the category of #havenots.

Let's ask ourselves, who would benefit from such a regression of society, a regression of #democracy, who would sit on top of the hierarchy if laws were to be regressed, set back to a time where a select few held power? The answer to that question will give you insight as to why, it's the same group that are becoming the minority, as others advance their existence, their inalienable rights, a certain group are not happy.

Instead of evolving themselves, this group is resorting to #propaganda, their agenda is to conceal #truth, #history, and #knowledge. They are attacking laws that were enacted to protect, and advance the #CivilRights of the #marginalized, they are attacking history to conceal actions, and events that led up to the new laws, because if people aren't aware of how far we've come, it's easier to erase, and regress the advancements we've made.

Propaganda is used by dark hearted #dictators, and #authoritarians like #hitler, #mussolini, #stalin, #putin, and now sadly by some in the republican party within the United States. How did we get here? who is behind these efforts? When we look, it appears to be putin, his propaganda seems to have impacted the election of Trump in 2016, his tactics with propaganda was leveraged by GOP to impact the mindset of over 75 million Americans that voted for Trump in 2020. Putin's propaganda still lingers in the minds of many that live in an alternate reality where truth does not matter, where the repetitive instructions in messages viewed on social media, and Fox News appears to be driving their actions and ideology.

Propaganda is being used in Russia to conceal the truth about #PutinsWar, his #WarCrimes and the #courage of the #UkranianPeople, tactics that are being used in the United States by the GOP, Fox News, and their leader, Trump. Did they learn from Russia, or was it always part of the plan?

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