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Extreme far-right racists are winning GOP primary elections

What is that saying? We should be paying close attention here.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, is part of radical far-right ideologies and a follower of a cult-like group called QANON, has falsely said that Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are not legitimate members of Congress because they took their congressional oaths of office on a Quran and not the Bible, (note that there is nothing that dictates what religious material is used for the ceremony). She believes that they should redo their oath on the Bible and has also said that she wants them to go back to the Middle East.

Greene has proven to be a racist, a xenophobe, a bigot, and also reveals her ignorance since neither representative is from the Middle East.  Given her history, Greene was elected by American voters, in a Republican primary to potentially become a member of the United States Congress.

Laura Loomer is another far-right figure of this dark movement within America, she also has shown that she may be more controversial. She has described Islam as a "cancer to humanity" and said that Muslim candidates should not be allowed to hold office in America. She proudly refers to herself as a "proud Islamophobe." Her racist rhetoric has resulted in her being banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and her xenophobia has also banned her from Lyft and Uber. This person was also elected in a Republican primary to potentially become a member of the United States Congress.

It is clear, racists are no longer hiding it, and they are trying to participate in the creation of policy for all the people in America. Where do we think they got the idea to run for office, should people who are obviously not mentally fit to work for all people, be representing The People?

Why is this happening?

As I indulge in my conspiracy theories, one could theorize that Russia has a hand in not only getting the incumbent into the oval but that they are getting these radical far-right candidates elected, it may even explain why so many in the GOP are idly following the incumbent regardless of the corruption, racism, and incompetence he reveals. If Russia has promised them all assistance in their elections, why wouldn't they sell their souls?

Now to the topic, some may not want to talk about, America has a dark group of racist xenophobes that still exist in this country, and want to cause great harm to our social progression, the incumbent is one of them. The recent #BLM protests have given me hope that more people have become aware of these dark groups and has given me hope that we can progress past them.

While I am optimistic that we will not break, that we will persevere the darkness that has been emboldened by the incumbent, we must keep an eye on it, we must be ready to call it out, and we must be ready to start that good trouble John Lewis talked about. We must be ready to protest and demand that racism, xenophobia, and bigotry will not be tolerated or accepted in our society, in our country, we must ensure that we VOTE. We have to show these dark sentiments, that they are not welcomed, that they shall not pass...

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