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#BlackIsKing, #BlackIsAfrica and we are all #African

Black is King by #Beyonce, gives an interesting view of facts that are actually supported by research, that all life began in #Africa. Imagine that information sinking into the minds of those who have the audacity to utter the words "go back to Africa". #NationalGeographicsArticle

I quickly began to ponder on recent conversations that of coarse, we have been robbed of true #African history, quite frankly, of human history, and anyone that doesn't believe that, doesn't want us to know the #truth. Our history has been stricken from our education, hidden from society, and all in an effort to advance a certain group. My questions only deepen as I see the events playing out in 2020.

There are forces that want to continue the idea that those that are closest to #MotherAfrica's bloodline are of less value than those who are far removed from their lineage to Africa. There is a gap between us humans back to Africa, and it is due to migration, not by race. Never the less, the gap was leveraged to further the advancement of those that are no longer black today. They no longer have darker skin due to no longer needing #melanin that protected them from the sun in the heart of Africa. Their ancestors migrated, had a different diet and adapted to their new environment that ultimately changed their skin tone to a lighter one. Their hair texture and features changed, and they used these changes to proclaim that they are a better race.

Let's reiterate and keep doing so until all understand, races do not exist, it was created to create a #SocialStructure, a structure to perpetrate an illusion of a #race hierarchy where dark skin was at the bottom. That dark skinned people were not human at all, that we were created to be slaves and servants to those with white skin. This image is told to young developing minds in schools during black history month, it's a story that says African people were slaves, that we finally became civilized enough to no longer want to be slaves, demanded for the end of #slavery and be treated equally, which led to desegregation etc.. This story not only suggests that blacks are inferior, but that we have not contributed to civilization or modern society.

The truth is, #Africa has one of the oldest civilizations known to human history. There are known facts that portray Africa as being rich, prosperous and having fully capable and intelligent #kings and #queens. In fact, #evidence suggests that human life itself began in Africa. Yes, that's right, we are all from Africa, and Africa actually had a prosperous #civilization that was imitated and replicated to modern civilization, this however is not the story some want society to know. This story is not told enough and many try to dispute it because it eliminates their need of a race hierarchy, and that some in that hierarchy are better than others. The irony of this fact, is that everyone should welcome this truth, because if Black = Africa, and if Africa is the origin of the human species, then absolutely, #BlackIsKing.

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