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#MadeForNow, this is the moment, this is the time.

On August 11, 2020, @JoeBiden announced that his vice presidential pick is @KamalaHarris. This is news the entire nation has been waiting for, and it's everything I thought it would be, it's exciting, it's in the now, and its where we should be.

You may hear opinions that she is not the right choice because she "went after him" during a primary debate, but with more thought, one will realize that she is actually the best choice Joe Biden could have made in choosing her as his #VP.

Joe Biden has not only shown his strength in choosing Kamala Harris, but he has displayed his #progressive nature, his understanding of the current moment, but also his legacy in shaping the future of these #UnitedStates. In choosing someone that "went after him", he is showing us #humilty, #grace, not someone who is vindictive or vengeful, but someone who is a #leader, these are the qualities of a good soul.

The #BidenHarris ticket brings a wealth of professional experience, #diversity, skills, and personal experiences that will shape and return our country to one that is no longer recognizable from what we have today but is our #future.

I personally am looking forward to having a new president, a new administration, new leadership with #PresidentBiden and #MadamVPHarris leading us into our future, the future looks bright, the future is #hopeful, the future is #progressive.

Please be informed, and please #Vote = Everything you need to vote

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