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Biden-Harris accept their nomination at the DNC;

We need to have their backs and VOTE to get them into the White House.

As the DNC comes to a close today, we can all agree that we’ve seen enough information and evidence of the importance in all of us VOTING for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all democrats on the ballots. Our votes are crucial to maintain not only our democracy, but our decency, our community, and our essence of being kind human beings. That is what America should mean to all of us, and we should be ready to fight for the rights to have all of these things, and more.

All of the above are true, but, there are more reasons to vote for #BidenHarris, they are a representation of a unified America, an America of the future. They are both from different generations, genders, and races, but share the same values, and their partnership in governing this country will represent the people, the ideas and the fabric of our country. Their experiences, and the experiences of their ancestors, are experiences that are part of who they are, and will undoubtedly help in the goal to #BuildBackBetter.

Joe Biden - has an empathic ability to connect with anyone he comes in contact with, he has an ability to reach across differences and find commonality with others regardless of their backgrounds. There is no doubt that this ability was formed from his personal experiences as a child when his family had to move in with Joe’s maternal grandparents due to financial hardships.

Many believe that his hardships of family financial matters growing up, the deaths of his first wife and 1 year old daughter in a car accident, then later, the death of his adult son Beau, were some of the experiences that shaped Joe’s heart, and grew his ability to understand people and empathize with them in ways little know how. These experiences however, are the experiences that make him a man with a good soul, someone who cares for others, and wants to help others in any way he can, someone who knows how to lead and recover from hardships, like the hardship America faces today. He’s had over 40 years in serving the American people, one of his missions that stays with me, is all of the work he does to protect battered women, that’s just one of many, and he still has plenty more to give.

On another note, this idea that Joe cannot handle the economy is a false one, let's remember that it was him along with Barack Obama that took one of the most tragic economies in our history and turned it around to the heights we have seen in recent years. That is until the incumbent took office, and destroyed it, like everything else he touches. There should not be any doubt in anyone's mind that he will work to stabilize our economy again.

Kamala Harris - has an ability to see and uplift the people around her, she believes in seeing the people she comes in contact with. She tries to listen and make everyone feel valued, that they are just as important as a vice president, in fact that she works for them, the people.

Kamala was born, in Oakland, California, to Shyamala Gopalan, a biologist who came to study in the US from India. Her father, Donald J. Harris, came from British Jamaica to study economics, and later received a PhD from Berkley. Like many families, her parents separated and Kamala and her sister were raised by their single mother that endured the struggle of providing for them. Kamala discusses how her mother made it look easy, but that a single mother, having to raise 2 children, keep them fed and pay all utilities, was no ease.

Kamala knows the struggle of single mothers, the struggles of growing up as a black young woman, she knows how all families are suffering, and she chose a career in public service to be a voice for them. She has a history of fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, and like the oath she often recites, she is and always will be, for the people. There should not be any doubt in anyone's mind that she is not only capable of doing the job of VP, but that she will work hard for all people in this country.

The Biden-Harris ticket will not only #BuildBackBetter, but they can take the country in a new direction, a direction that is the future, a future that is representative of all the people in America. They have existing plans and ideas on how to correct and climb out of the current abyss, they have the experience and competency to fulfill their duties respectively, and they have the desire, compassion and patriotism to save America, for the people and for our democracy.

Make sure you are informed, make sure you have a plan, and make sure that you cast your vote to save our country.

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